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Davis Child Care Center is designed to meet the psychological, social, intellectual, and physical needs of 6 weeks to 8 year olds.


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A variety of child-centered family events are held throughout the year, including March Madness and Literacy Night.


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As a parent, you can feel confident that your child will receive the best care in a setting where they will be nurtured.


You and your child will receive personalized and professional attention.

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Serving children from 6 weeks to

8 years

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The Creeper Room

Age: Approximately 9 Months to 16 Months

Ratio: 4 Children/1 Teacher (8 Children Maximum Group Size)


The Rockin’ Rollers Room

Age: Approximately 6 Weeks to 9 Months

Ratio: 4 Children/1 Teacher (8 Children Maximum Group Size)


Welcome to the Rockin’ Rollers room. Our teachers, Deb, & Kimberly, in our infant room have been in the early child care field for over 36 years combined. We believe that warm and responsive care, which is provided in a clean, safe environment, is essential for the healthy development of your infant.


We center our day on building a trusting relationship with each infant and their parents through daily communications. Our lessons revolve around your infant’s individual growth and development. Infants are constantly growing, learning and changing. Our Rockin’ Roller teachers delight in your infant’s advancements and provide endless opportunities for development and discovery. We cuddle and rock, coo or sing, explain things and read stories; all while meeting the basic needs of your infant. When the time is right, we encourage them to roll, crawl, pull themselves up, vocalize, and so on.


We provide Parent's Choice Advantage Formula, infant rice, oatmeal cereal, and 1st and 2nd strained foods.

If you are intested in enrolling your child, please see our contact page to schedule a visit. Not every classroom is currently accepting enrollments. Some classrooms require full-time enrollment, while some accept part-time with set days each week.

Classroom Classroom Classroom

Welcome to the Creeper room, we will guide your young infant into the toddler world. Together the Creeper Teachers, Kathy (has a Child Development Associate Credential) and Rachel (Associates Degree in Early Childhood), have a combined experience of over 25 years in early childhood, and provide a safe, nurturing, caring, and fun learning environment for your child.


When your child is developmentally ready, we will introduce finger foods, eat meals from a dinner plate, and we start using a spoon and sippy cup. We include sign language during our mealtime conversations.


To enhance our developing skills, there are push toys, pull string toys climbing blocks, and small activity tables to practice standing at. Cognitive and small muscle skills are developing while playing with toys like stacking rings, shape blocks, nesting cups, and activities at the sensory table, and through messy hands-on art projects.


Social skills happen naturally by playing together, reading stories, singing songs, and by following a routine schedule. Weather permitting, we spend time each day playing on the playground or going on a buggy ride around the Davis neighborhood.


The Wiggler Room

Age: Approximately 2 – 2 ½ Years Old

Ratio: 6 Children/1 Teacher (12 Children Maximum Group Size)


The Scooter Room

Age: Approximately 16 Months to 24 Months

Ratio: 4 Children/1 Teacher (8 Children Maximum Group Size)


Greetings from the Scooter room! The teachers, Christine (Associates in Early Childhood) and Emily (Bachelor degrees in Early Childhood/Elementary). Our Scooters are between 16 and 24 months, and this 9-month difference means that the teachers recognize the range of abilities that can differ among children. Scooters are beginning to think through their actions, solve problems, and understand language. They thrive on new experiences, so we provide them with a safe, cherishing environment that allows each child to develop naturally, individually, and happily.


Children learn best through play; play is a child’s work. Through play, the children learn sensory development, problem solving, eye coordination, working together, language development, large and small muscle development, communication skills, and socialization.


We have two main goals in the Scooter Room. The first goal is to learn how to share. We try to teach them that they will have more fun if they share. The second goal is to learn how to be independent. We try to encourage children with lots of hands on activities. We also encourage children to drink without covers on their cups and to use spoons and forks.


Welcome to the Wiggler Room! As Wiggler Room teachers, Kelly (Associate's Degree in Early Childhood) and Debbie(Associate Degree in Human Services and 20+ years of Early Care and Education experience) work together to create a rich environment for two-year-old that is nurturing, consistent, secure and meaningful.


In the Wiggler Room, your child will be offered daily opportunities to explore, to problem solve, and to flourish in his or her own unique way and his or her own personal pace. While structure is a necessary part of the Wiggler day and can be found in the daily schedule, Wiggler Room teachers believe that learning and discovery for the very young happens best through play. A strong emphasis is placed on free play and socialization. Increased language skills are perhaps the most notable developments during this time and children are encouraged to express themselves verbally. Daily opportunities for creative expression are provided through music, painting, drawing, children's literature, and dramatic play to stimulate children’s imaginations and facilitate learning.


Weather permitting, outdoor play occurs twice a day, both morning and afternoon, to provide children with fresh air, a connection with the natural environment, and ample opportunity for large muscle activities. Self-help skills are a natural development that occurs when children grow and learn, and your child will achieve greater control of table skills, such as eating with utensils and drinking from open cups, independent hand washing, and dressing skills like learning to put their shoes and coats on and off. Potty training will also be introduced in a positive and encouraging way.


As any parent knows, two year olds need loving yet firm limits set for them as they work to understand their place in the world. Wiggler teachers use positive guidance methods such as redirection, explanation of appropriate expectations, and adherence to simple classroom rules to help the children work through the emotional ups and downs of being two. Positive self-esteem is a natural development that occurs when children are heard and understood, respected and valued as individuals. It is our hope that together, as a team with parents, we can form an important partnership.

The Trooper Room

Age: Approximately 2 ½ – 3 Years Old

Ratio: 8 Children/1 Teacher (16 Children Maximum Group Size)


Welcome to the Trooper Room. In our classroom, we have children between the ages of 2.5 to 3 years. Our Trooper Room teachers, Aly (Associates Degree in Early Childhood), Jenn (STEM Teacher) and Lise look forward to working with you on getting your child potty-trained and develop confidence in your child!


We are the main potty training room at Davis Child Care Center. Before your child can move up into the next classroom in the fall, your child must be completely potty-trained. This means children must be accident free for two consecutive weeks, and be able to potty by themselves. For this to work, we have children use the potty hourly. In between potty time, we are busy with group time, free play, art, and small motor and large motor activities. We go outside twice a day to ensure our children are getting fresh air and large motor time.


Self-help skills are another classroom goal. Getting ourselves dressed after using the potty or getting ready to go outside are some examples among many other day to day activities. At this age, children are making huge strides verbally and socially, and our specially designed program provides lots of guidance along with the independence they crave. They can explore, emote, engage, and enjoy and their own pace!

The Hopper Room

Age: Approximately 3 – 4 Years Old

Ratio: 10 Children/1 Teacher (10 Children Maximum Group Size)


Welcome to the Hopper Room! Our room consists of potty-trained young 3 year olds. Our Hopper Room teacher, Diane (over 25 years of experience in the early childhood field with a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Education and Infant Toddler Credentials), primary focus is self-help skills. This includes dressing, bathroom use, clean up, and meal time. All of our meals are served family style. The children are encouraged to work on these skills at home as well.


Lesson plans are age appropriate and include fun, educational activities. The themes vary from week to week and are connected with activities or holidays happening during the month. Every lesson plan includes daily group, fine motor, gross motor, and art activities.


We go outside two times a day. It is important for children to learn about the world about them. We will go on walks or some field trips in the community and surrounding areas.


As a Hopper, your child will continue to build upon his/her skills, such as chatting with friend’s increases verbal and social skills. Solving shape puzzles strengthens problem-solving skills, while drawing and painting nurture creativity. Diane will work to foster self-esteem with one-on-one interaction and group activities. We introduce one concept at a time, so your child feels proud, not frustrated.


The Snapper Room

Age: Approximately 3 – 4 Years Old

Ratio: 10 Children/1 Teacher (10 Children Maximum Group Size)


The main goals for 3 year old Preschool is to focus on the social and emotional development of a child in a classroom type setting. Our Preschool Teacher, Cheryl, works with the children to be able to gain the ability to follow directions, take turns, and share with others.


Our Preschool is a thematic based, creative curriculum structured, academically enhanced program. This program is designed to fit the needs of each individual child as no child is a cookie cutter of another and each child has very specific needs. I take pride in saying that I make every effort to meet the needs of each individual child, while helping them to become compatible with a group of children. I feel if you encourage and teach children social and emotional skills that are developmentally appropriate and how to use good problem solving techniques in a social setting, they will develop a stronger self-concept and become more confident in their academic growth.


Our Preschool class follows the OASD calendar. Preschool runs from September through mid-June. We offer a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday class, and a Tuesday and Thursday class; with both running from 9 am to 11:30 am.

In the Snapper classroom, our Snapper teacher, Leah, creates a safe, nurturing environment for children to explore. Leah has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Human Development from UW-Green Bay. We believe when a child feels loved, safe, and welcomed it opens them up to be independent, strong individuals.


Throughout the year, your child will learn about colors, shapes, and numbers. They will also gain exposure to the alphabet and begin recognizing letters in their name. Some will start writing their names! We also focus on self-help skills such as dressing, bathroom use, and cleaning up after ourselves. During mealtimes, your child will be serving themselves and removing their things from the table when they are finished.


We believe it is important for your child to be opened to the world around them; therefore, we will go on field trips in the community and surrounding areas.


Come play, learn, and explore in the Snapper Room!


The Sparkler Room

Age: Approximately 3 – 4 Years Old

Ratio: 10 Children/1 Teacher (10 Children Maximum Group Size)

*If all the children in this room are over the age of 4 Years Old the Ratio Changes to 12 Children/1 Teacher (12 Children Maximum Group Size)*


Welcome to the Sparkler Room! Christy, our Sparkler Room teacher has an Associate's Degree in Early Childhood.


In the Sparkler Room we focus on self-help skills to encourage your child to be as independent as they can be. This includes self-dressing, bathroom use and clean up. At meal time your child will be serving themselves and removing their things from the table when they are finished.


Another important part of our room is to help build self-esteem. Christy uses lots of positive reinforcements to make your child feel good about themselves and to be proud of their work! She believes that it is important for children to learn about the world around them; therefore, we go on some field trips both in the community and the surrounding areas.


Each week we have fun filled learning themes. Some include: All about me, shapes, colors, introducing letters & numbers, families, and much, much more! We do a lot of discovery learning, so wearing clothes to have fun is a must in the Sparkler Room!


The Ranger Room

Age: Approximately 4 – 5 Years Old

Ratio: 13 Children/1 Teacher (24 Children Maximum Group Size)

Welcome to the Ranger Room! The children in the Ranger Room are 4-5 years old. In this classroom, the children are preparing for their kindergarten learning experience. The environment promotes positive self-concepts, independence and a love for learning. This is all accomplished in a fun and routinely structured way.


The curriculum is based on preparing the children for kindergarten by teaching kindergarten readiness skills like self-help skills, making good choices, and problem solving skills through developmentally appropriate activities. The Ranger Room will also provide literacy activities, math concepts, social skills and science exploration.

Being a Ranger means you will be given an opportunity to enjoy many child enriching activities that will help you to learn and grow into your own unique individual.


Our Ranger Room teachers, MIchelle and Sara, both have their Bachelor degrees in Early Childhood/Elementary. The Ranger Room is a collaborative Ready 4 Learning site with the Oshkosh Area School District

The Preschool Room

Age: 3 years old by September 1st, and be fully potty-trained.

Ratio: 10 Children/1 Teacher (10 Children Maximum Group Size)


4K: Ready for Learning

Age: 4 years old by September 1st, and be fully potty-trained.

Ratio: 13 Children/1 Teacher (24 Children Maximum Group Size)

Miss Erika's Room:  

Welcome to Ready 4 Learning!

First let me introduce myself.  My name is Erika Schloskey.  I have been teaching for 18 years and the last 13 have been with 4 year olds.  

My teaching philosophy is to provide and environment where the children feel safe and secure.  I work to develop a positive self-concept in each child that will help them learn to their full potential.  I will provide a routinely, structured program that is developmentally appropriate and the children will know what to expect each day.  I will work on teaching them the skills they will need for school readiness through fun themes, activities and play.  I also encourage self-help skills and independence, such as dressing themselves, buttoning, zipping, packing backpack, etc…

I also believe in teaching the children to solve problems and empowering them to make choices.  I will work with them on ways to share and get along with others and how to use their voice and words.  My goal is to create a school family where everyone feels safe and respected.

Your child will get a take home folder.  This will come home each day and it will contain notes, work, etc…  Please check it daily and return it each day.  A parent information board is located outside the classroom as well and will contain additional information about things that will be happening in the classroom.  Check there for weekly lesson plans, field trip information and more.

Parent-Teacher communication is also important for this program.  If you should have any questions or concerns please let me know.  You can call the center at 233-2330 or email me at ms.erika.4k@gmail.com.  I am not at school over the summer but will check in frequently.  




Miss Diane, Miss Cassie and Miss Leanne Room: 

In Miss Kimberly and Miss Cassie’s Ready 4 Learning classroom, children learn through play in a safe, nurturing environment. Children are part of a school family and Conscious Discipline is used to develop the classroom community. The day begins with a Brainsmart Start activity, which may be a greeting or song where children connect with others. Children engage in a variety of learning activities in small and large groups that encourage development in the cognitive, social/emotional, language, literacy and math areas. Children learn through play and practice being independent. Literacy skills are a strong component, including children working on writing their names and book making. Miss Kimberly and Miss Cassie both have Bachelor’s Degrees in Elementary Education and have many years of teaching experience. Both teachers have a passion for helping children develop a love of learning and helping families have a first successful school experience. The year is filled with family events, including a meet and greet and family picnic in August, holiday program in December, literacy night in the spring and an end of the year celebration in June. When your child leaves 4K, they will love school and be ready for kindergarten!

The School Agers

Age: Approximately 5 – 8 Years Old

Ratio: 15 Children/1 Teacher (30 Children Maximum Group Size)

Care is offered to the school aged siblings of current families enrolled and also children from our waiting list on the No School Days. The ratio of children is 15 to 1 teacher.


During the summer we have up to three separate School Age classes. These children participate in many different activities and field trips throughout the week. Swimming takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays afternoons at Omro Pool. Weekly trips to the Oshkosh Public Library allow children to browse and check out books using their own library card.


An all day field trip takes place most Wednesdays. Some examples are: Bay Beach, Barlow Planetarium, the NEW Zoo, Oshkosh Lanes bowling, the Children’s Museum, as well as trips to local parks.


Other activities include Cooperative Learning, arts and crafts projects, being “buddied” with a child from the Snapper and Sparkler class to read to or do an art project together, bake sales, and walks to Dairy Queen. Each classroom will provide a packet that will detail field trips as well as other information and expectations.


Families of school age children will be billed on their account for field trip and bussing costs depending on the trip. Classrooms will also ask for a small sum of money at the beginning of summer for treats/fun.